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Culture’s portraits - Giampaolo Trotta

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The possibility of knowing the character and psyche through a portrait in the modern and contemporary age has attracted psychologists and psychoanalists, but also transformed the portrait in the symbology-synthesis of culture represented by that specific character.

So Davide Coroneo’s paintings, on various subjects and differing in style-technique (classic figures, illustration, cartoon, photography, digital images; oil technique or mixed oil collage technique), uniformed only (but significantly) by the normalization of canvas’ and frames sizes all made of ‘natural’ fir wood, but covered with paper or other recycled materials products of industrial consumerism, frames that are integral parts of the painting itself like Mario Schifano’s “invaded frames”.

As the author himself explains, “the common element is the research into the transformation that each image needs to undergo when it is technically reproduced, be it printing technique [traditional] or be they made using digital “photoshopping” programmes, reveiling in this Coroneo’s experience in the field of advertising graphics. There are, in fact, undeniable links with the world of graphics, cartoons, and American Pop Art (from Robert Rauschenberg to Andy Warhol) and Italian (Mario Schifano).

[...] Only apparently ‘cold’ as cold as information technology can be and only apparently ‘silent’ academic homages, they speak directly to our mind and intellect in this new digital and global universe. They try to find the interior cultural matrix of the different characters in which one can mirror himself, think, and remember not to forget.

[...] Intellectualistically poetical works, that lead us fully into the world of contemporary culture of which the paintings are some kind of a summa picta with postmodern aesthetic effects, filtered by a glowing chromatism and material quality that bring together Pop Art, Neodadaism, Transavanguarde and Postmodern in a vision guided by an educated meditation on the potential of the digital tools through which, according to Coroneo, human psyche can manifest itself.

Giampaolo Trotta